Our current reference project

Complete renovation:

New shine to a cultural asset

Our current renovation project relates to a four-storey mansion built at the turn of the century in a central location. The gross floor space of the accommodation and business space amounts to some
900 m², the surrounding garden and various annexes take up some 2.000 m².

Our service

NOVENSIS Immobilien takes care of all the relevant steps of the process:

  • Development of an overall concept and on-going project management
  • Preparation of draft concepts and visualisation of alterations and additions
  • Contact and dealings with competent authorities
  • Design, research and selection of materials and techniques
  • Identification of suitable subcontractors and service providers and commission of these
  • Construction management and supervision of all sections of construction
  • Design and furnishing of the interior
  • Marketing of units after completion

Our challenges

Various style elements on the outside and inside, such as stucco work, carved elements and lead glazing, have stood the test of time but need to be refurbished now nevertheless.

Severe damage to the roof, walls and half-timbering, sandstone cornices as well as damage due to dampness on the ground floor and basement has to be repaired.

Out-dated and insufficient utility installations have to be replaced and a modernisation in terms of energy efficiency is necessary.

Structural changes that were made in the 1970s and 1980s, which seem undesirable from today’s point of view, have to be undone and the building has to be restored with regard to both design and selection of materials in line with the period of construction of around 1900.

The floor plan needs to be modified comprehensively as it does not meet today’s standards of modern living. In this context, it is considered to newly construct an orangery with an accessible roof in line with the traditional period design and to redesign further annexes.

A comprehensive redesign of the outdoor spaces is part of the project.

Basic information

Year of construction approx. 1906
Gross floor space approx. 900 m²
Site area approx. 2.000 m²
Number of stories 4
Accommodation units 3
Business space 1
Balcony / terrace 1
Conservatory 3
Annexes Outdoor sitting area, pavilion
Garages / parking spaces 4
Type of heating Gas-fuelled